Police Day in Ukraine

annually 20 December in the Ukraine celebrates the Day of the police. Date timed to the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine in 1990, the Law "On Police". A professional police holiday date approved by Presidential Decree number 567/92 from November 17 in 1992.

According to the Law "On Police": "Police in Ukraine — State armed enforcement authority to protect the life, health, rights and freedoms of citizens, property, the environment, the interests of society and the state from illegal encroachments».

The main objectives of police include:
— personal security citizens, the protection of their rights and freedoms and legal interests;
— crime prevention and suppression;
— security and public order;
— identification and detection of crime, searching for persons who have committed them
— road safety;
— protection of property against crime;
— the execution of criminal penalties and administrative sanctions;
— participation in the provision of social legal assistance to citizens, assistance within their competence government agencies, enterprises, institutions and organizations in carrying out their statutory duties.

The Ukrainian militia composed of the following units:
— criminal police;
— public security police
— traffic police,
— State motor vehicle inspection;
— police protection;
— special police.