Day of Advocacy of Ukraine

In December 2002, the President signed a decree number 1121 / 2002 on the establishment in Ukraine of the professional holiday — Day of the Bar, which is celebrated annually December 19.

According to the Law of Ukraine "On the Bar", which was introduced by Decree Verkhovna Rada of December 19, 1992, the Bar of Ukraine "is a voluntary professional association of public, called, according to the Constitution, to promote the protection of the rights, freedoms and legitimate interests represent the citizens of Ukraine, foreign citizens, stateless persons and legal entities, to provide them with other legal assistance ยป.

Lawyer — is back, who in the criminal proceedings have broad rights. Among the basic rights lawyer — the right to meet with the accused without quantity limits; familiarization with the materials of the case, upon proof of innocence or guilt of the accused at; appeal the actions of the investigator, the prosecutor or the court, and other.

Lawyer must maintain professional confidentiality . At the same time, the lawyer should not defend any interest of his client, but only to the law. The means and methods of protection, of course, must be legal and ethical.

The purpose of the establishment of the holiday is to recognize the great public importance of the Human Rights Institute of the Ukraine. Just how effective the activities of the legal profession, is a clear indicator of the level of democracy in the state, as well as its political and economic stability.