15 Wonders of the Buddha ( Monlam Chhenmo )

Carrying the "Great Prayer" Monlam Chhenmo confined to the New Year. This festival lasts for 15 days and is dedicated to the remembrance 15 miracles, which, according to legend, the Buddha Sakyamuni made in Shravasti (India). Carrying out the first "Great Prayer" or "Great prayers," refers to the beginning of the 15th century, when the famous Tibetan Buddhist reformer and founder of the Gelug-pa-jae Jonkhava developed rules celebrations in Buddhist monasteries to include a list of them and Monlam Chhenmo.

Chhenmo Monlam celebration begins on the first day of the New Year, and every festive day dedicated to the created on this day the miracle of the Buddha.

According to the legend, soon after the Buddha began to preach his doctrine, he's got a lot of students. Six monks, ascetics, which left the students who have become followers of the Buddha, they hated him for it and began to publicly ridicule the Master, showing the surrounding various miracles as proof of his innocence. The Buddha did not pay attention to them, but the disciples once asked him to confound these false teachers who have caused harm to others only, and anxiety. Buddha agreed. Was selected — the city of Shravasti, where he made his 15 miracles, one miracle a day — creating itself worldwide fame.

During solemn prayers dedicated to the Monlam Chhenmo, performed the rite of the annual renewal of faith, and after their graduation exams are held for monks who want to get a higher rank.

In the Tibetan capital Lhasa Monlam prayer services Chhenmo committed in the Jokhang — one of the oldest temples of the city. According to tradition, at the time of the Monlam Chhenmo power in Lhasa symbolically passed the three priors of monasteries Gelug-pa: Galdan, Sera and Drepung. In the 15 th day of the festival (always a full moon day) is usually made of melted butter special sculptural figures for staging 15 Wonders of the Buddha and put them in the monasteries. On the same theme in the monasteries are organized puppet shows and theatrical performances are held mysteries Cham.