Police Day in Moldova

annually 18 December employees and veterans of the Police of the Republic of Moldova celebrate their professional holiday — Day of the police. December 18, 1990 in the Republic of Moldova adopted a law number 416-XII «On Police", which "defines the place, role and principles of the police in the central and local public authorities, sets out the main objectives of the police, the duties and rights, responsibilities and supervision order over its activities».

Police Moldova is part of the Interior Ministry of the Republic and is an armed law enforcement agency created to protect the lives, health, rights and freedoms of citizens. In the area of ??policing is also included to protect the interests of society and the state from illegal, criminal and other attacks.

Moldovan police tasks are clearly defined vesheukazannym law. This is:
1) protection of life, health, honor, dignity, rights, freedoms, interests and property of citizens from criminal and other unlawful acts;
2) prevention and suppression of crimes and other offenses;
3) detection and detection of crime, searching for persons who have committed them;
4) the maintenance of public order and public security;
5) provide the conditions and in the manner prescribed by this law, to citizens, public authorities as well as enterprises, institutions and organizations in the protection of their rights and the implementation conferred on them by law;
6) the implementation of measures to protect the public against persons assisting the criminal justice process, in accordance with applicable law.

Police Moldova took an active part in the events of recent history, which took place in the Republic after 1283 {holiday-independence} {/ holiday} on August 27 in 1991 — in 1992, during the tense political situation in Transnistria, which was transformed into an armed conflict, in April 2009, when anti-government riots occurred Chisinau, regulated by the police.

May 10 in 2006 the Moldovan Government Decree ? 481 "On approval of the Code of Ethics Police" was approved document that defines the role and place of the police in society, as well as being a tool stipulating the scope of conduct of law enforcement officers in the normal and abnormal situations .