Day of their own security departments of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation

This professional holiday established by order of the Interior Ministry of the number 998 September 28 in 2000.

Pursuant to paragraph 3 of Presidential Decree number 954 of the September 18 1995 Order of Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian number 050 December 18 in 1995 established the Office of its own security the Ministry of Interior of the Russian Federation.

In February 1996, the formation of their own security departments of internal affairs in the Russian Federation, UVDT, Department of Internal Affairs (MIA) subject to the Office of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs sensitive sites.

The main objectives of units are: prevention of penetration in the internal affairs of the Russian Federation entities pursuing illegal purposes, the prevention, detection and suppression of crime on the part of police officers, the organization of state protection of employees, employees of law enforcement bodies and persons dismissed from the service of law enforcement bodies, as well as their loved ones.

In 1934-1941 Goosby's predecessor was a special plenipotentiary of the apparatus of the NKVD, whose responsibilities included the execution of special assignments related to the verification and investigation of cases of by the NKVD.

In the years 1941-1947 operated special inspection of the personnel department of the NKVD.

From 1947 to March 1953 in the central office of the Interior Ministry and the field are independent special inspection, staff which consisted of the security officers and investigators.

At the end of 1953 the newly introduced special inspection of the Office of Personnel Management (UK) Ministry of Internal Affairs of the USSR. Since June 1957 Special inspections have called inspection staff (HUD) for UK Ministry of Internal Affairs of the USSR, personnel departments of the Interior Ministry of Internal Affairs-republics, tasks which were: the testing of materials, applications and complaints of employees of institutions of Ministry of Internal Affairs, the production of inquiry in cases of crimes of employees of Interior.