Officers Day registrar

For all the well-known acronym registry office — civil registration — everyday work of employees of the service, from registering the birth of a new citizen of the country and to the last record in a person's life. Therefore it is difficult to overestimate the importance of the work of professionals in the registry office in the modern world, as across the state, and for each person.

History registry offices of the Russian Federation began December 18 1917 year. On this day signed a decree "On civil marriage, children and books about doing acts of state", according to which the legal consequences of acts of civil status are recognized only if they are registered in government.

This decree was the first legislative act of the young Soviet republic in the area of ??family law, in which, inter alia, established the principles of voluntary marriage, equality of spouses, equality of children born in marriage and extramarital.

Ever distant times each employee registrar makes a personal contribution towards building the rule of law and protects the rights and legitimate interests of citizens, which is now a priority.

Now that family relations in Russia are regulated by "The Family Code of the Russian Federation "adopted by the State Duma December 8 in 1995.

Employees registrar has a special professional and personal qualities that help to adequately carry out his duty, it is — the love of the profession , people, emotional warmth, empathy, charisma and even artistry.