International Day of sex workers from violence and brutality

The International Day for the Protection of sex workers from violence and brutality (International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers), celebrated December 17, has already formed its own tradition, known as "March of the Red Umbrella┬╗ (March of the Red Umbrellas). On this day, all indifferent to the problem of discrimination against sex workers take to the streets with red umbrellas.

Red Umbrella is a symbol of protection from violence against women, earning prostitution by the police, pimps, clients, and two-faced society. First red umbrella as a symbol of resistance originated in 2001 in Venice at the First World Congress of sex workers.

In this congress representatives of Viet Nam, Thailand, Cambodia, the United States, Italy, Germany and other countries talked about, as they fight for the civil rights of sex workers. A representative of the oldest profession then marched through the streets of Venice with red umbrellas and megaphones, attracting public attention to the problem of human rights violations.

Since 2005, the International Committee on the Rights of Sex Workers in Europe began using a red umbrella as a symbol of resistance to discrimination. "March of the Red Umbrella", originated as an idea, every year it becomes more and more a global symbol of the rights of sex workers.