Time employees of the State Courier Service of Russia

December 17 in Russia marks Day of employees of the State Courier Service. Courier — from him. Feldjager — military courier to deliver the most important state documents.

One of the first decrees after his ascension to the throne in November 1796 was a decree on the establishment in Russia Courier Corps, issued Dec. 17, 1796.

Create Courier Corps was one of the stages of the reform of Paul I, Emperor held in the Army, the unit of government, as well as in the military and courier services. It was a special military unit whose mission was to perform assignments on communication, as well as special orders of the Emperor. State first part consisted of one officer and 13 couriers.

Starting perform almost imperial order, Courier Service immediately taken to the emergency employment environment — the most important government documents delivery to all corners of Russia and abroad, as well as the execution of numerous personal orders of the Emperor demanded considerable effort and time. Just in the first few days it became clear that a broadening of the state military couriers.

The new staff has been recruited from the staff of the Life Guards Cavalry Regiment, which picked up the most stalwart and beautiful people, and also due to non- officers of the Life Guards Izmailovo, the Transfiguration and the Semenov regiment.

logo GFS RossiiNa decades to life and to this day courier body grew, retooled, and not once since the founding of Courier Service does not stop its activity, even during the October Revolution of 1917 and the Great Patriotic War.

tasks of the State Courier Service of the Russian Federation are defined in the Regulations of the State Courier Service of the Russian Federation, approved by Presidential Decree number 1074 "Issues of the State Courier Service of the Russian Federation┬╗ on August 13 2004 .

In accordance with the Regulation, the tasks of the service is prompt delivery and guaranteed the safety of items of special importance, mail delivery abroad, delivery of correspondence foreign heads of state and heads of foreign governments, public authorities of the States — parties to the Agreement on the Intergovernmental Courier Communications, delivery of correspondence of the Commonwealth of Independent States, located in the territory of the Russian Federation, and others.