Independence Day in Kazakhstan

National Independence Day of the Republic of Kazakhstan — the main state holiday that celebrated annually December 16. In honor of the national holiday that day is not a business in the Republic.

December 16, 1991 the Supreme Soviet adopted a law on the independence and state sovereignty of Kazakhstan. The Republic of the last of the countries of the former Soviet Union adopted a law on independence.

The leader of Central Asia, Kazakhstan in recent years, intensive development. Notable successes in Kazakhstan's economy has achieved thanks to the restructuring of the entire economic system, which in the era of the Soviet Union was based primarily on extractive industries.

In addition to economic reforms in independent Kazakhstan were held political reforms, which have markedly increased the credibility of the international arena. Kazakhstan is a member of international and regional organizations known as a reliable partner to both western and eastern states.

On the day of the holiday across the country held mass celebrations. In anticipation of the holiday also rewarded the outstanding figures of culture and arts, sports, politics and other fields. Held "holiday amnesty┬╗.

In all cities, villages, holiday concerts are held in the evening sky lights up with fireworks and fireworks.