Third Sunday of Advent

Advent (from the Latin. adventus — coming) — Advent time, the period of fasting, which are confined numerous rituals and customs. In other words, the Advent — the fast and the expectations of Christmas.

Third Sunday of Advent precede first and second Sundays are filled with the appropriate customs. On the third Sunday of Advent is lit the first two candles and a third attached Candles — Shepherds.

Candle Shepherds means the coming of the Savior in the heart through faith in His holy Word.

As the shepherds saw the Savior and believe your own eyes, and we see him through the eyes of faith. Spark also symbolizes how we share our faith in Christ, like the shepherds, tells the story of Christ to all the counter.

In the Western Christian countries are considered colors of Advent purple (violet, purple), in such colors usually filled with decoration in churches and around churches and clergy apparel. Home residents are also decorated in soothing shades of purple.

But on the third Sunday of Advent allowed ornaments in pink. Pink can also be a candle Shepherds.