Day of the Court of Ukraine

Presidential Decree number 1318/2000 of 8 December 2000 , the country has set an annual professional holiday — Day of the court, which is celebrated on December 15.

In the judicial system of Ukraine consists of:

Constitutional Court, which decides on the conformity of laws and other legal acts with the Constitution of Ukraine, provides an authoritative interpretation of the Constitution and laws of Ukraine.

The courts of general jurisdiction, which are formed, as a rule, on a territorial basis and consider all civil and criminal cases and cases on administrative offenses .

arbitration courts, which hear cases concerning economic relations.

According to Article 124 of the Constitution of Ukraine's justice in the country is carried out exclusively by the courts. The jurisdiction of the courts extends to all legal relationships in the state. The Constitution stresses that the creation of extraordinary and special courts that would operate outside the boundaries of the constitutionally established system of courts.

Highest judicial body in the system of courts of general jurisdiction is the Supreme Court of Ukraine. President of the Supreme Court shall be elected and dismissed from it by secret ballot, the Plenum of the Supreme Court of Ukraine.

Article 127 of the Constitution establishes the candidates for judge certain requirements. They need to have a proper education, proper experience in legal work, to live in Ukraine for at least ten years and the command of the state language. The judges in the administration of justice are independent and subject only to the law. The people of Ukraine provided the opportunity to participate in the administration of justice through the introduction of institutions of lay judges and juries.

The Constitution gives the opportunity to continue the reform of the judicial system of Ukraine towards the establishment of reliable guarantees for the rights and freedoms of the individual.