Day of St. Lucia

«if at the time that it would take on the day of Saint Lucia until Christmas Eve, of nine trees — lime, birch, hazel, willow, alder, beech, spruce, thorn, maple — to make a chair, working little by little every day, but to take his secret to the morning service, so sit on it — you will see what that is hidden from others: women who kneel with his back to the altar. This is a witch ...».

December 13 Catholics celebrate memory of St. Lucia (Saint Lucy's Day), martyr time of Diocletian (3rd century).

name Lucia comes from the Latin word «lux» — «light». With a holiday in her honor is associated saying: "With the holy night Lucie decrease." It appeared in the era of the Julian calendar, according to which on December 13 the day of the winter solstice. After Gregorian reform in 1582 shortest day of the year fell on December 21. After that, the popular wisdom is no longer correspond to reality, which is reflected in an addendum to the saying: "With the holy night Lucie decrease, but the days are no longer».

Lucia — patroness of light and healer eye bolezneyPo legend in St. Lucia had beautiful eyes, which she charmed a young man, and that he did not fall into temptation, she put out her eyes and sent them to him on a plate. Due to this legend, the Romance and Germanic countries saint Lucia was considered to protect the world and healer of eye diseases.

However, in the rituals and beliefs of many countries preserved the memory and about the "Witch" bottom — the bottom of the St. Lucie. According to some legends the holy Lucius witches churning under bridges, oil, dancing at the crossroads and can "danced" got them men and boys to death, the night walk in white veils and with buckets in hand, going to the Sabbath.

Accordingly, efforts and a variety of measures to protect people and their environment from the witches. For example, like all evil spirits, witches were driven out of the village noise, whistling, knocking, ringing of bells, shots of a whip. To protect against the harmful effects of witches used garlic: it ate themselves and denied food for cattle, and rubbed them forehead, hands and feet, rubbed his juice walls painted cribs and garlic or tar crosses over the entrance to the barn and the house.

As used amulets and various prohibitions. For example, Lucius forbidden to spin and sew (otherwise are believed to double up your fingers, work will begin to deteriorate, the hens will cease to be carried, and in lactating women who violated the ban, according to popular belief, inflamed breasts), wash, bake bread, work on horses, break or break anything.

The Twelve Days of Saint Lucia's Day to Christmas as a time of presence close to people of certain supernatural beings, where the boundary between the human world and "the next world" as it were thinner, could not be better suited for divination. Wondered about the weather, about the future of the crop, of the fate of marriage ... Divination all nations are different.