Day of Customs Service of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Festival, which is celebrated today in Kazakhstan, established in honor of founding of the State Customs Service. In the afternoon, when the agency began its existence, is December 12 in 1991. Over the years the customs authorities of Kazakhstan have come a long way of development.

Since 1991, significantly increased the number of customs staff, improved technical support department. All this allows maximum quality to solve the problems facing the agency: to prevent the import and export of contraband goods, prohibited goods (eg drugs), foreign currencies.

One of the latest innovations — the introduction of "E-Customs" as part of national "e-government". In addition, there was a system «Web-declarant" as well as an opportunity to make payment of fees plastic cards.

Recently the state border of Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan gained the status of the external borders of the Customs Union, which also includes the exception of Kazakhstan, Russia and Belarus. This imposes on the Kazakh customs responsibilities. By the way, here was transferred to employees who previously worked on the border with the Russian Federation.

Kazakhstan customs tried to make its operations as effective and transparent. Therefore, on the border have uniform checkpoints, which operate on the principle of "one-stop". On these points are placed by representatives of all regulatory authorities. This helps to speed up customs procedures.

On the Day of Customs Service of Kazakhstan heads of state departments and congratulate all employees, and particularly distinguished awards and prizes await. Also on this day traditionally hosts concerts and other festive events.