Day of the Constitution of the Russian Federation

December 12 in 1993 in a referendum adopted the Constitution of the Russian Federation. Full text of the Constitution was published in the "Rossiiyskoy newspaper» December 25 in 1993, and since then the Constitution Day is one of the most important public holidays Russia.

Constitution — the basic law of the state — is the core of the entire legal system of Russia and defines the meaning and content of other laws.

Since the initial adoption of the Constitution in the document was amended on a number of which are among the last position that "The President of the Russian Federation shall be elected for a term of six years, the citizens of the Russian Federation on the basis of universal, equal and direct suffrage by secret ballot" and that "the State Duma shall be elected for a term of five years" (Federal Law on the amendment of the Constitution of the Russian Federation ? 6-FKZ from December 30 in 2008).

In the late 90s the Russian Constitution has survived at least two political crisis out of which came with honor and dignity. It was preceded in 1918 adopted the constitution of the Russian Federation and The first Constitution of the USSR, was adopted in 1924 and consolidated the victory of socialism in the Soviet space. Then replaced by the 1936 Constitution and the so-called "congestive» Constitution of 1977, which operated until the collapse of the Soviet Union.

«The instance number one" of the Constitution RossiiRossiyskaya Constitution — the solid foundation of the democratic development of the Russian state. This is not just a declaration of good intentions, it is a real working document of direct action. The Constitution for the citizen of any country — law that he should know in the first place, because the knowledge and careful application of the laws — the norm of civilized life, a powerful lever for improving its quality.

Binding of the finest leather red bill Russian coat of silver and gold embossed lettering "The Constitution of the Russian Federation" — that looks like an "instance number one" basic law of the country. The inaugural edition of the so-called Constitution is kept in the library of the president in the Kremlin.

For more than a decade on December 12 was a public holiday. However, December 24 in 2004 the State Duma adopted amendments to the Labour Code of the Russian Federation, the Russian-changing holiday calendar. The law provides for the abolition of the day on Constitution Day.