International Mountain Day

So leave unnecessary disputes.
I myself already proved —
Better than mountains can be only mountains,
which are not yet visited.
, «Farewell to the mountains»

December 11 is International Mountain Day (International Mountain Day), established by the decision of the 57th United Nations General Assembly in January 2003.

The UN General Assembly called on the international community to organize on that day activities at all levels to highlight the importance of sustainable development in mountain regions. In a resolution noting the special relevance of actions aimed at the sustainable development of mountain regions.

Educational activities usually include themed book fairs, symposia, lectures and workshops, and themed lessons in schools. Society mountain lovers usually spend informative and entertaining events during the week that includes December 11.

Mountain lake in the Himalayas Mountains cover about one-fourth of the land surface and are home to almost 10 percent of the population. This — Reserve to many unique species of plants and animals, the water source of the major rivers of the earth.

In the Russian mountains and hills are located in 43 regions of the Federation and cover more than half of the country. Among the favorite ski and climbing areas is one of the foremost is the Caucasus.

Events modern history of Russia embodied in the names of mountain ranges — one of the mountain peaks of the Central Caucasus mountain range called the "Kursk».

Europe is also famous for its mountain resorts which are popular among the Alps. The highest mountain in western Europe is Mont Blanc (located in the Alps, on the border of France and Italy). In July 1965 in the Mont Blanc tunnel was opened, linking spa centers in France and Italy.

By the way, Japan has advanced the highest mountain in Japan, "calling card" of the country — Mount Fuji — a candidate for entry into the World Heritage List of UNESCO. But Fuji candidacy was rejected due to the high trash mountains (unbelievable, but true!).