Day of Tax Service of Azerbaijan

annually on February 11 in the Republic of Azerbaijan marks Day of the tax service . This professional holiday, established in accordance with the presidential decree, is designed to highlight the important role of the tax service in the country's economic development and the formation of the state budget revenues.

February 11, 2000 established the Ministry of Taxes of Azerbaijan Republic, which is the body central executive power and provides the realization of state tax policy. The ministry was established on the basis of the liquidated Main State Tax Inspectorate.

Independently functioning Main State Tax Inspectorate has, in turn, created in 1991 on the basis of the State Tax Service, part of the Ministry of Finance of Azerbaijan.

The main objective of the tax service of the Azerbaijan Republic is the monitoring of compliance with tax legislation, the accuracy of their assessment, complete and timely payment to the relevant budgets of state taxes and other payments.