World Football Day

Today informally, but traditionally is World Football Day (World Football Day). Thus the international community pays tribute to the sport, which for many millions not just a game, but a way of life.

The first mention of football as "the game of ball with their feet" historians have found in Chinese sources dating back to the second millennium BC. Game called Tsu Chiu, which means "foot push." The game of football allowed Chinese soldiers keep fit.

When I first got this game, no one knows. Some claim that the predecessor of football was a wild game Saxons, who lived in England in the 8th century. On the field of battle after battle, they kicked the decapitated heads of the enemy.

About this game very little is known — that there was a gate and a goalkeeper, that the game was part of the physical fitness of soldiers, and that she was known for three thousand years ago. A net on the soccer gate was first used in March 1891 during the match between the North and the South of England.

In football was played in ancient Greece and Rome for about two and a half thousand years ago. In Greece, this game is called "battle for the ball," which suggests that played it accordingly — using all kinds of techniques of martial arts.

Some interesting football events:

— October 24, 1897 in Russia held the first officially recorded football match;
— July 13, 1930 in Uruguay began the first in the history of the FIFA World Cup ;
— May 6, 1942 in the stadium "Dynamo" in the besieged city hosted a football match.