Day of the Russian Treasury

December 8, 1992 Russian President Boris Yeltsin {event-signed 1774} Decree number 1556 "On the Federal Treasury┬╗ {/ event}, according to which the system was established Federal Treasury Russia.

History Treasury is inseparable from the history of development of the Russian state as a whole. And now, after the revival of such a complex financial institution is completed, we are pleased to say that the system is not set up just works, and works effectively.

5-ruble coin 1853 godaKaznacheyskaya system ensures the transparency of budget expenditures, which was extremely important in the turbulent 90's of the last century and is still relevant today. From the development of the Treasury depends largely on the efficiency of the financial system, as the state as a whole and individual areas.

The Office of the Federal Treasury demonstrates the benefits of the treasury system of budget execution. Management team of experts to successfully perform their duties and do everything possible to ensure the timely passage of the budget coming from the federal center to the regions.

Dear employees of the Federal Treasury, veterans of the industry! Please accept my sincere congratulations on your professional holiday! Your diligent work contributes to solving economic and social problems facing the state!