Day of St. Catherine

In the second half of the 3rd century in Alexandria in a rich and noble Catherine was born on the family — the future Saint Catherine.

For 17 years she received an excellent education and Hellenic is a rare beauty and intelligence. Young men of the most eminent families of the empire sought her hand, but none of them was her lover. She announced to parents that agree to only marry someone who will surpass it in nobility, wealth, beauty, and wisdom.

Mother St. Catherine was a secret Christian. She took the girl by the advice of his spiritual father, the holy elder, who created a prayer feat in a secluded cave near the town. The old man listened to St. Catherine's, and said that he knew the young man who excels it in everything, for "the beauty of His brighter sunshine, His wisdom governs all creation, wealth is poured all over the world, but that does not diminish him, and multiplies, the height of the genus His — his unspeakable. " The image of the heavenly Bridegroom has given birth in the soul of the Virgin ardent desire to see him. Saint Catherine discovered the truth, to which her soul was torn. In parting, the old man gave Saint Catherine icon of the Mother of God with the Infant Jesus in her arms. The old man told to pray with faith the Queen of Heaven, Mother of the heavenly Bridegroom, for the vision of her Son.

St. Catherine prayed all night and was honored to see the Mother of God, who had asked his son to look at Catherine kneeling in front of them. But the baby turned His face from Catherine, saying that he could not look at her, because she is ugly, low-born, Nishcha and crazy as any person who is not washed by the waters of holy baptism and the seal of the Holy Spirit nezapechatlenny.

In the deep sadness she again went to the elder. He lovingly taught her the mysteries of the Christian faith, commanded chaste, pray without ceasing, and made it over the sacrament of Holy Baptism. Once again, St. Catherine had a vision of the Virgin and Child. Now the Lord looked tenderly at her and gave her a ring, wrap it to himself. When the vision ended, and the holy awakened from sleep by the hand of her glowing ring — a gift of the heavenly Bridegroom.

While in Alexandria on a magnificent pagan festival came the Emperor Maximin (305-313). Cries of sacrificial animals, the smoke and the stench constantly blazing altars, the hubbub of the crowd on the lists are filled Alexandria. And sacrificed human victims — to die in the fire condemned confessors of Christ, do not withdraw from him under torture. St. Catherine went to the chief priest — the Emperor Maximin, confessed his faith in the One True God and the wisdom of error denounced the Gentiles. Beauty girl captivated by the governor. To show her celebration of pagan wisdom, the emperor convened the 50 most learned men of the empire. But the holy prevailed over the wise men. They believed in Christ and were burned.

Maximin tried to seduce St. Catherine's wealth and fame. Having an angry refusal, the emperor subjected to cruel tortures holy, and then tossed in jail. Empress Augusta, accompanied by magistrates porphyria with a detachment of soldiers came to the prison. Holy Martyr revealed who came to the Christian doctrine, and they believed.

The next day, the martyr once again resulted in the judgment seat. Under the threat of broken on the wheel, she was offered sacrifice to the gods. Holy confessed Christ and she went to the wheels. But the angel of broken instruments penalty. Seeing this miracle, the Empress of Augustus and courtier Porphyry with 200 soldiers before all confessed their faith in Christ and were beheaded. Maximin again offered the holy martyr marriage, but was refused. St. Catherine firmly confessed his loyalty to the Heavenly Bridegroom — Christ — and with a prayer to Him she laid her head on the chopping block under the sword of the executioner.

The relics of St. Catherine were carried by the angels to Mount Sinai. In the VI century, were uncovered by the revelation of the venerable head and left arm holy martyr and transferred with honor to the newly established Temple Sinai Monastery.