Day of Remembrance for the victims of the 1988 earthquake in Armenia

December 7, 1988 the world learned of the terrible tragedy when the whole city was destroyed, and under its ruins were killed tens of thousands of residents. In the ruins of the city of Spitak completely turned, half-collapsed Leninakan and Vanadzor and other towns and villages of Armenia.

An earthquake in 1988 caused great damage to the economy of the country. It covered more than 40% of the territory of the republic. Suffered 21 city and district, 342 villages, 58 of which were completely destroyed. Total damage the country's economy from the earthquake is valued at about 10 billion Soviet rubles.

Armenian plateau has more than 600 large and small volcanic centers, as one of the centers of seismic ground. In other words, Armenia is very frequent earthquakes. Over the past 1500 years in the Armenian highlands were more than 300 earthquakes.

Many remember what a powerful movement had been deployed to assist the victims of the Spitak earthquake. All the former republics of the Soviet Union responded to the disaster by sending troops to the scene rescue workers, ambulance personnel, equipment, everything you need.

Every year on December 7 in Armenia commemorate the victims of the 1988 earthquake.