World Day of the patient

11 February in the international calendar is designated as the World Day of the patient (World Day of the Sick). This event is intended more as a social move aimed at supporting people involved in the sad category of patients.

World Day of the patient was established May 13, 1992 at the initiative of the late (Pope John Paul II). In a special message written on the subject, the Pope noted that the annual celebration of the World Day of the patient has a specific purpose.

This goal Pope defined as: "to give the feel of numerous medical staff of Catholic organizations, believers around civil society need to provide better care for the sick and infirm, alleviate their suffering».

In 1991, John Paul II was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease, which learned much later. What is remarkable is that the Pope has established World Day of the patient one year after the news of his diagnosis. World Day of the patient, noted in 2005, had a special significance, since 2005 was the year of the death of John Paul II.

First World Day of the patient was recorded February 11, 1993. The date was selected in view of the fact that Catholics all over the world since ancient times celebrate February 11th Day of the patient. It was on this day in the French town of Lourdes centuries ago there was a phenomenon of the Virgin. Holy Virgin, Our Lady of Lourdes (Our Lady of Lourdes), healed the afflicted, becoming thus a symbol of savior of patients.