International Volunteer Day

In 1985, the UN General Assembly invited Governments to observe annually December 5 International Volunteer Day for Economic and Social Development (International Volunteer Day for Economic and Social Development), or short and clear — International Volunteer Day (International Volunteer Day).

volunteers (and in recent years more and more common to hear of a transformed English — volunteers) — people who spend their free time for the benefit of society. Sphere of activity in which you can see the work of unpaid volunteers truly are many and varied.

Volunteers devote their talents to society, time, energy, expecting voznagrazhdeniyaNaprimer, people volunteer to help clean up the public area, distributing posters and brochures social campaign, ready to conduct free tours of the native city, to be interpreters for large international sporting event. Moreover, the volunteers help the staff in children's homes and nursing homes, make haste to help with disaster relief.

And the society is undoubtedly in need in a meaningful volunteer work. UN constantly called upon States to take measures to raise awareness of the important contribution of volunteer service, and thereby encourage more people in all areas to offer their services as volunteers, both at home and abroad.

In turn, in the Universal Declaration of volunteers said that they have the right to dedicate their talent, time, energy, individual and collective actions without expecting a reward.