World Day of computer graphics

On the third day of December, the holiday (though still unofficial ) traditionally celebrate computer graphics and designers around the world. The idea of ??its holding company owned by Alias. The date of this festival has been chosen by chance — it is unique in the year begins with the sign combination of characters: 3D.

Interesting proposal immediately unanimously supported 3D-animators of all countries. To celebrate joined such international giants such as Adobe, nVidia, Wacom and many other companies. First 3December (another name for the Day of computer graphics) referred only to the creators of three-dimensional images, but gradually it covered all the other industries related to computer graphics in general.

Now the tradition of celebrating this day in the United States and Europe, the company continues to Autodesk, a few years ago, swallowed Alias. Major activities undertaken by it are not limited to 3D-date. They go for 10 days — from 1 to December 10 — and include master classes in various cities around the world, interesting presentations and online interviews with prominent persons of the industry. Take part in the celebration can be even from your own home if you have Internet access.

In recent years 3December very active and began to celebrate in Russia. If you know any 3D-graphics and designers, do not forget to congratulate them on their professional date.