Lawyer's Day in Russia

According to Presidential Decree number 130 of February 4 2008 "On establishing the Day of attorney" in Russia set a new professional holiday — Day of the lawyer, which is celebrated annually December 3. Historically, the legal profession in Russia is a prestigious, but at the same time connected with a huge responsibility.

Lawyer's Day — a great and serious holiday as it brings together lawyers from different spheres of activities that serve to protect the rights and freedoms of the citizens of our State.

The main purpose of the legal profession — the establishment of legal justice. There are not many professions in the world, so responsible, respected and honored, and at the same time so complex as a lawyer.

It is up to the legal industry workers — judges and lawyers, prosecutors and police officers — depends on flawless execution laws, and, consequently, the existence and functioning of the legal state.

In recent years, the Ministry of Education in particular is an issue of quality training of young lawyers — to make proposals to reduce the number of law schools, the abolition of distance learning for this specialty.

According to the Ministry, in Russian universities enrolled more than 700,000 students who after passing the established academic course receive a diploma lawyers. It is desirable that as many people from this number became worthy, highly skilled professionals.

High professionalism, depth of knowledge and honesty are necessary, first of all, we, the citizens, to receive full legal protection.

But even in the most difficult job there are breaks, and even in such a serious profession has a well-deserved holiday!

Recall that 29 March.