National Day of slippers ( shale ) in New Zealand

The population of New Zealand's population of slightly more than four million people. And no exaggeration to say that every citizen of this country has at least one pair of rubber slippers — or slates, as they call these shoes in Russia.

It is said that the Russian name of slippers — "shale" is derived from the name of the city, which in the Soviet era at the "Polymer" produced this handy beach shoes. Extruded rubber-soled slippers word "shale" gradually came into use as the name of the shoe, not the place of its manufacture.

New Zealanders go to the flip-flops around the house, go to the flip-flops on the beach, go to them for transport, sometimes even wear flip-flops to work.

I wonder what it is in New Zealand and invented this versatile shoes! Today, the country has a very unique holiday — National Day of slippers (National Jandal Day).

It all started with some Yoka Morris (Morris Yock, in some sources — Maurice Yock), a businessman from New Zealand, who visited in Japan, and inspired by the local footwear. Simple rubber sandals before sunk into the soul of Morris that he returned home, he and his son Anthony started the production of this unpretentious shoes in 1957. Morris rubber imported from Hong Kong, and sandals were made in a workshop-garage. In 1987, his business was bought out, and now the owner of a production company sandalno Industries Sanford (Sanford Industries).

Where does such a strange name — Sandals (jandal)? It's very simple. The name «jandal», which translated to English means "sandals", is derived from two words: «Japanese» (Japanese) and «Sandal» (sandals).

As a result, the 23-year study of the northern the beaches of New Zealand, it was found that the shores of the green continent much more beaten slippers on the left leg than the right!

This phenomenon even has a scientific explanation. So, one of the theory is that the left edge of slippers can be attributed to the way in which the majority of fishermen and sailors push their boats on the water: the fishermen get on board with his right foot and the left hand repel the ground. Maybe that's why more and lost it left slate.

Today is National Day of slippers and celebrate in schools and offices. In some offices, managers encourage employees to come to work in the shale is not only to express the pride of this useful invention, but just — just for fun. Also, in this day collecting donations for serfernoy Coast Guard (Surf Life Saving New Zealand). For more than 100 years, these professionals are patrolling the beaches (of course, shlapentsah!) And selflessly rescue swimmers were foolish.

It should be noted, however, that today slippers are no longer so cheap as it used to, when they could be bought for just a few dollars. Previously, anyone could afford to buy even a few pairs a year. But despite the rise in prices of favorite shoes every summer kiwi go "conquer" the beaches in their favorite rubber flip-flops.