Day Banker Russia

With the date of the holiday bank employees, as well as to the date of the holiday other financial profession — accountants (see Day accountant), there is still no final clarity. The reason for this uncertainty is that the Day of bank workers in Russia is not officially established at the state level.

There are at least three dates when employees of banking institutions can accept congratulations on their professional holiday — September 8, November 12 and December 2.

September 8 is celebrated in Russia Day financier, and on November 12 — Day of the Savings Bank of Russia.

After a little research the editorial team of "Calendar of events" has come to the conclusion that the closer to the truth may be the date on December 2. This date adopted in 2004 on the initiative of the Association of Russian Banks.

Day December 2 is chosen due to the fact that the December 2, 1990 adopted the first in the modern history of the Russian Federal Law (? 394-1) — «On the Central Bank of the Russian Federation (Bank of Russia)" which initiated the formation of a modern banking system. Subsequently, this document is void due to the adoption of the Federal Law ? 86-FZ of 10 July in 2002 "On the Central Bank of the Russian Federation (Bank of Russia)».

Also, December 2, 1990 was adopted by another Federal law ? 395-1 «On Banks and Banking Activity».

Banks are lending institutions have appeared in Russia in 1724. In 1753, by decree of Russian Empress Elizabeth established Noble Loan Bank — the first in the Russian state-owned bank. Over time, banks have become a necessary and essential component of the state. As with any labor, labor bank employee was deserving of respect.

believed to work in a bank is not only profitable, but also prestigious. But behind the veneer and the apparent simplicity hides persistent and painstaking work, during school hours, work that requires full commitment, discipline, focus.

Since the 18th century, of course, has changed and the banking system, and working Accessories — replacing accounts and typewriters and computers have come such high internet technology. Of course, working in such an environment requires a highly professional knowledge and skills, and well-coordinated teamwork.