Lawyer's Day in Belarus

Every year on the first Sunday of December in the Day of Belarusian lawyer.

The establishment of this holiday — this is, above all, a tribute to the men who stood guard over the rights and legitimate interests of citizens, recognition for all those who have dedicated their lives to the state of much-needed legal activities.

Today, as in the Republic of Belarus created a legal civil society in which all are equal before the law and entitled to equal protection of the rights and legitimate interests, the role of lawyers is particularly significant.

The legal profession is multifaceted and has a large number of specializations attorney, the prosecutor, the judge, the investigator, an expert on human resources, legal adviser, teacher and scientist. In this set, there is a unity to be performed for each of these spheres of activity — service law, truth, justice.

On lawyers entrusted with an important mission to create a legal culture of society, respect for the law, the legal policy of the state.

Service Act has been and will be credo of all lawyers in Belarus, and the knowledge, experience and excellent human qualities allow the formation of Belarus as the rule of law.