Day of the Prosecutor's Office

Given the role of the Prosecutor's Office to strengthen the rule of law, human rights human and civil rights, as well as the contribution of prosecutors in the case of formation of Ukraine as a state of law, Presidential Decree November 2 in 2000 established a professional holiday — Day prosecutors celebrated December 1.

Historically, the formation of the legal system, and with it the definition of functions of the prosecution on the territory of modern Ukraine, began in the 16th century.

In 1578 at the Diet of Poland was formed Lutsk Tribunal — High Court of Ukraine. The following year, 1579, was educated in Baturin Ukrainian tribunal, which consisted of seven departments. The deputies were elected annually Tribunal Prosecutor (instigatora), who observed the order of submission of claims to the court.

Office of public prosecutor remained in the Ukraine and in the 17th century. In the Tribunal, together with the Ukrainian hetman and other senior officials met and the prosecutor.

In 1722 has established a national body to oversee compliance with the legitimate activities of the central and local government. The Tsar's imperial prosecutor, where both the prosecuting authorities of Ukraine, lasted until October 1917.

After the October 1917 began a new phase of nation-building and national self-determination of the people of Ukraine, the step of obtaining sovereignty. In the Ukrainian National Republic (UNR) in December 1917, was founded by the procurator, as early as next month, the Central Council adopted the Law "On the establishment of Public Prosecutions in UkraineĀ».

Since the establishment of Ukraine as a sovereign and independent state began new stage of development of the prosecutor's office. After the adoption and entry into force on 1 December 1991 the Law of Ukraine "On Prosecutor's Office" and a number of other regulations provided the legal basis for the organization and activities of the prosecution of an independent Ukraine.

In accordance with the provisions of the Constitution functions prosecutors meet first of all, the position of the formation of the rule of law.