Day of St. Nikon of Radonezh

Saint Nikon of Radonezh — the closest disciple and successor of St .

Born Monk Nikon in the 14th century, Yuriev-Polsky. The Rev. Athanasius tonsured as a monk. Upon reaching the perfect age, Nikon was elevated to the priesthood. In anticipation of a special grace in his favorite disciple, St. Sergius ordered him to stay in a single cell, and later made the Monk Nikon first as assistant to the rector, and for the six months prior to his passing away has appointed him as his successor.

After blessed death of beloved teacher Monk Nikon lovingly maintained all that was established by St. Sergius. But the burden weighed rector of St. Nikon, and he left the rector, alone in his cell specific.

However, in 1400 St. Sava founded his monastery in Zvenigorod, and implored the brethren of St. Nikon again take rector. Divinely-inspired old man agreed, but appointed himself every day for a certain period of silence, to stand before God alone.

In 1408, the Russian land invasion of the Tatar khan hit Edigei, and the monastery was destroyed. But the monk Nikon did not fall into despair, and the feat to take on new works. Abode was gradually restored, and the Reverend Nikon has made the construction of a stone church at the grave of their spiritual father.

While digging trenches for the foundation, July 18 1422 were found incorrupt relics of St. Sergius and the brothers moved into a new wooden church (now at this place is a temple in honor of the Descent of the Holy Spirit), close to where the white stone church was soon erected to the glory of the Most Holy Trinity. For its decoration Monk Nikon invited the best painters: Venerable monks and Daniel Black. At that time, the Rev. Andrew was written by an icon and Life-Giving Trinity, the greatest creation of Russian icon painter, embodies that was open to St. Sergius.

About livability Trinity Church Saint Nikon did not stop until the end of life care. On the eve of the death of the Lord showed him the future resting place along with St. Sergius. Communion, the Rev. Nikon gave the brothers the last instruction and blessing. To God Reverend stepped Nov. 17 (Nov. 30, new style) in 1426, and was buried after a funeral near the shrine of St. Sergius.