Andrew Day cvyatogo

Holy Apostle Andrew (St. Andrew, the Apostle) , Andrew — the first of the disciples of Jesus Christ, and brother of the Apostle Peter. According to the Russian chronicles, St Andrew preached Christianity in the Slavic lands. Chronicle indicates that the Apostle Andrew stopped for the night on the hill on which Kiev was subsequently built, and said the disciples were with him:

«You see the mountain be? As it is in these mountains shone forth the grace of God that hath a great degree be alone and churches of many hath God raise up».

According to tradition, the apostle Andrew was martyred in the city of Patras in Greece.

St. Andrew's flag — the flag of the Navy RossiiPrigovorenny to death, he turned to the authorities not to crucify him on the same form on the cross as the one on which Christ was crucified. His request was granted and is believed to be St. Andrew the death of the two logs of folded oblique cross, who later became his symbol. It is from this cross and there were polynomial "St. Andrew's flags" — Scotland, Ireland, the Navy Russia and others.

Holy Apostle Andrew is the patron saint of Russia, Scotland, Greece and Romania.

November 30, 1698 Peter I founded the first (and highest) award Russia — Imperial Order of St. Andrew the Apostle.

The Orthodox Church celebrates Feast of St. Andrew the Apostle, new style, December 13.