Computer Security Day

In 1988, the American Association of computer equipment today announced November 30 International Day of Information (Computer Security Day). The aim of the Day is a reminder of the need for users to protect their computers and all the information stored in them.

Proclaiming Day, the Association intended to remind everyone of the need to protect computer information, as well as draw the attention of producers and users of the equipment and software to safety problems.

1988 year is not by accident became the ancestor of the holiday, during this year was recorded first mass epidemic of "worm", named after its creator — Morris. It was then that experts think about the need for a comprehensive approach to information security. Although prototype of the first computer virus appeared in 1983.

Since that day at the initiative of the Association of hardware hosts international conference on the protection of information, followed by a number of interesting and useful activities.

In particular, it reports on the amount of damage received by unsecured equipment. For example, damage caused by a computer virus «I love you», launched in 2000, was only in North America a billion dollars.

Day is held annually under a certain motto that placed on posters and other printed products produced for the holiday. For several years, the basic idea of ??all of the activities was a reminder that every user must respond in person, provide and maintain the protection of information assets and resources.

In this context, the protection of information implies:

— installation of anti-virus programs,
— install firewall (Firewall),
— use of passwords are difficult to define,
— social engineering,
— physical protection of information resources and assets and other measures .