Thanksgiving Day in the United States

In the fourth Thursday of November in the United States celebrate Thanksgiving (Thanksgiving Day). This is one of the most popular holidays in the country.

Thanksgiving Day was first celebrated in 1621 by English colonists who lived in the Plymouth colony. Previous winter was very severe, and hungry, new winter also promised the settlers little good. Then Governor William Bradford decided to raise the spirits of his subordinates and organized the first Thanksgiving. Holiday together noted British colonists and their neighbors, the Indians, with the help of which the Plymouth colony survived the first winter of starvation.

Puritans brought to this celebration a deep religious meaning — they saw it as a way to thank God for mercy.

Thanksgiving became a national holiday after the relevant decree of the first President of the country in 1789.

Happy Thanksgiving associated with a number of traditions that Americans hold sacred and honored. All family members have to go to church, and after service pack for the holiday table.

On the eve of Thanksgiving blooms charity: the Americans are trying to feed and somehow please their neighbors, who have been unlucky in life. Even in the subway stations are set special tables on which everyone can put their donations, including food. The newspapers publish announcements about this: "If you donate $ 1.90 — You will be able to give the homeless a hot meal or a poor countryman. By donating $ 19, you will help to feed 10 people ... "etc. On the eve of charities hand out gifts to the needy collected and organized dinners for the homeless.

The second most important attribute of Thanksgiving — turkey. At the first celebration of the colonists and the Indians roasted and ate together four turkeys, shot down in a nearby forest. Since then, the turkey and Thanksgiving are synonymous, poultry fattening turkeys specifically for this festival.

The third attribute of the holiday — parades (mostly costumed in clothes of the 17th century costumes and Indians) and fun.