Day of the Defenders of Teaching ( Baldan Lhamo )

¬ęBaldan Lhamo" — one of the main defenders of the faith and exercise in the Gelug tradition of Tibetan Buddhism. She is the only goddess among the top 10 wrathful deities — the defenders of Buddhism — a lady demons and iskorenitelnitsey poisons.

Prayers dedicated Baldan Lhamo, are also Uposatha days (the 25th day of the lunar calendar) and, like other days Uposatha, held each month.

This day is the most favorable for the fulfillment of practices devoted to Baldan Lhamo. The basis of any practitioner is uttering mantras.

Any mantra — a combination of sounds, vibrations generate a certain order. Uttering the mantra, a person "tunes" itself to the corresponding wave, acquiring the qualities that he needs to either get protection. Each mantra has its value.

Mantra Baldan Lhamo: Rakmo Joe, Joe Joe Joe Rakmo Rakmo Tung Joe Cala Ra Aja Chenmo Rakmo dazha Tung Joe Rulu Rulu Jo Hum Hum.

Cult Baldan Lhamo historically very popular at all levels of practice in Buddhism: khurals (Service), dedicated to the goddess, held in datsans, and home altars. Keeper of the teachings, Baldan Lhamo often izbiraetcya patron of monasteries. Due to the popularity of Baldan Lhamo has a lot of images and epithets, the essence of which, however, always is to protect both philosophical beliefs and worldly prosperity.