Day of Justice of Azerbaijan

November 14 in 1918 the Cabinet of Ministers of the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic adopted the Charter of the Trial Chamber, and November 22 approved the Regulations of the Ministry of Justice of the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic.

According to the decree of Azerbaijani President Heydar Aliyev on November 11 in 2000, November 22 was declared the Day of Justice of Azerbaijan.

Now while the main activity of the Ministry of Justice is to implement public policy and governance in the area of ??justice. The Ministry also provides legal expertise, puts forward proposals to improve the legislation and draft regulations to be involved in the drafting of laws and implementation of legal education.

In addition, the Ministry of Justice carries out the state register and state registration of legal persons, the register publications, manages the activities of notaries structures enforces the state registration of the population of the Azerbaijan Republic and the civil shall take the necessary measures for the implementation of interstate custody of children and legalization of documents within the allocated powers, organizes the enforcement of court decisions, controls the execution of criminal penalties organizational activities of vessels shall maintain judicial statistics.

In Azerbaijan, for the first time in the post-penitentiary system was transferred from the Ministry of Internal Affairs and submitted to the Ministry of Justice.