World Day of Non- shopping

Every year on the fourth Friday of November people in many countries around the world to night disclaim any purchases, reminding himself that the excessive consumption — a dangerous social trend.

Day refusal to purchase (Buy Nothing Day) celebrate after the U.S. Thanksgiving, ie, the traditional start of Christmas sales worldwide. On this day, stores get 20 to 50 percent of its annual revenue, and in the mass stampede in most major shopping malls, people are dying each year. Not without sarcasm fourth Friday of November is called "Black Friday┬╗ (Black Friday).

That same day, community activists call for maximum health to treat their purchases and protest against the consumer society.

The idea of ??this holiday-action originated in America in 1992. The initiative to abandon purchases made by Estonian-born Canadian journalist Calle Lasne (Kalle Lasn). In his opinion, the cause of the financial crisis must be sought not in the liquidity or unregulated markets, and in the culture of excess and mindless consumption. The most well-known argument Apologists action is that in countries with a high standard of living is home to only 20 percent of the world's population, but they use more than 80 percent of the Earth's natural resources.

In 2001, with the support of Adbusters site, this action has acquired the worldwide scale, day-out of shopping in addition to Mexico, Canada and the United States was still at 55 mills. At present, to conduct such actions were joined by 10 states. Russia among them, while not listed.

Participation in this promotion are simple — for 24 hours to give up any acquisitions. In addition, activists hold rallies under the slogan "For the sake of peace in the world do not buy it!" In order to attract public attention. Shares are peaceful demonstrations in shopping malls, as well as showing "antireklamnyh" commercials, reporting that the average U.S. resident buys five times more goods than a Mexican, ten times more than the Chinese, and thirty times more than the citizen of India.