The World Philosophy Day

World Philosophy Day (World Philosophy Day) held in the third Thursday of November since 2002, according to the regulations of UNESCO (UNESCO General Conference).

The idea of ??creation of the World Philosophy Day is to find a common platform discussions taking place in the global society of social and cultural transformations that people attach to the philosophical heritage, to unveil sphere of everyday thinking for new ideas and stimulate public debate thinkers and civil society about the challenges that arise today to the public.

Many thinkers have argued that the essence of philosophy is wonder. In fact, the philosophy is born from the natural aspirations of human beings interested in themselves and the world in which they live. As a reflection, and the love of wisdom, philosophy teaches us to think about an idea, explore the fundamental truths verify assumptions and build your own conclusions.

Over the centuries in different cultures gave rise to the concept of philosophy, ideas and works on sound analysis, and laid the basis for a critical, independent and creative thinking.