World Day greetings

World Day greetings (World Hello Day) is celebrated every year November 21. In 1973, the two came up with holiday greetings brother-American Michael and Brian Makkomak (Michael and Brian McCormack) in the midst of the Cold War, in response to the conflict between Egypt and Israel. The day was needed as a sign of protest against the growing international tensions.

«We need a simple but effective action" — and the brothers decided to send an email with welcoming greetings to all corners of the world. They imposed nobody of his ideas of struggle for peace throughout the world. They only asked the recipient to greet someone else, another well at least ten people!

This idea was supported in more than 180 countries. Since then mark the World Day greetings and citizens of all ages and professions, and the major political leaders and captains of industry, and the world-famous film and television personality.

This is a great day for friendly greetings, happy emotions and good mood.