International No Smoking Day

Every year on the third Thursday of November in most of the world celebrates the International No Smoking Day (No Smoking Day). It was established by the American Cancer Society (American Cancer Society) in 1977.

According to the World Health Organization:

— in the world, 90% of lung cancer deaths, 75% — from chronic bronchitis and 25% — from coronary heart disease attributable to smoking

— every ten seconds in the world dies of a heavy smoker (in 2020 this rate could rise to one person in three seconds);

— in Russia smokes at least one in ten women;

— heavy smokers can now be called 50-60% of Russian men (among some categories of citizens, the figure is 95%).

— smoking and disease caused by it each year can become a cause of death is not less than one million citizens of Russia.

The purpose of the International Day of quitting — help to reduce the prevalence of tobacco dependence, involvement in the fight against smoking all segments of the population and physicians of all specialties, the prevention of smoking and informing the public about the harmful effects of tobacco on health.

smoking habit believe 47% of the respondents townspeople, dependence — 38%, an incurable disease — 9%, were unable to determine their attitude to smoking — 6% of respondents.

Passive smokers are not only the Person of the question about the consequences of tobacco use, 22% of respondents found it difficult to answer. The result of tobacco use is considered: lung cancer — 35% of the surveyed population, bronchitis and other lung diseases — 25% of the respondents, 12% reported cardiovascular disease, 6% — for tuberculosis.

According to 12% of the respondents quit smoking — easily, 56% believe that it is difficult, 4% believe that — not, 28% did not think about it. With 21% of those surveyed residents tried to quit smoking, but mostly without success.

On the existence of centers for smoking cessation know 30% of the respondents, 70% do not know.

It should be noted that with a good awareness of the dangers of smoking to health, few citizens seeking to get rid of nicotine addiction. Either people do not realize the gravity of the consequences of tobacco use for your health or believes that his illness was not touched, or the habit of smoking is so strong that it is impossible to give it up.