Day of the Russian tax authorities

Day of the Russian tax authorities is celebrated in accordance with the Decree of the President the Russian Federation ? 1868 from Nov. 11 in 2000, "On the Day of the employee tax authorities of the Russian Federation».

Even when Peter 12 boards were formed, of which four are headed by financial issues: Camera-board, shtats-offices-Board, Internal Audit Board and the College of Commerce. In 1780 has created an expedition on government revenues.

In 1802, the manifesto of Alexander I «On the establishment of ministries»
8 ministries were formed: the military-Army, Navy, Foreign Affairs, Justice, Commerce, Education, Finance and Internal Affairs. The Ministry of Finance was in charge of public revenue and expenditure.

The Council of Ministers of the USSR number 76 on on January 24 in 1990 within the Ministry of Finance established the state tax inspectorate.

November 21 in 1991 by Presidential Decree number 218 is formed by an independent State Tax Service of the Russian Federation (formerly it was part of the Ministry of Finance). Presidential Decree number 1635 of December 23 in 1998 transformed into the Russian State Tax Service of the Russian Federation Ministry of Taxes and Duties.