Africa Industrialization Day

In the second decade of Africa's industrial development, the General Assembly proclaimed the November 20 as Africa Industrialization Day (Africa Industrialization Day).

The Day aims to mobilize the international community to the industrialization of Africa.

Sustainable industrial development in Africa is difficult to achieve. The continent lags behind all other regions in terms of industrial growth and employment. Over the past 15 years, Africa's share in world industrial production has not changed and is 1%.

However, the prospects for significant changes in the socio-economic sector on the continent are becoming more favorable. In many low-income economic growth has accelerated, so many people have the opportunity to break out of extreme poverty.

While in some countries the growth rate falling, and they can not achieve their targets for reducing poverty, many other countries are moving steadily toward the goal of reducing poverty by half, which is scheduled for 2015 .

Despite this progress, much remains to be done, and not only in countries with low or negative growth rates.