Day of Missile Forces and Artillery

According to Presidential Decree number 549 of the May 31 in 2006 "On the establishment of professional holidays and memorial days in the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation" annually November 19 celebrated Memorial Day Armed Forces — The Day of the missile troops and artillery.

Day of Missile Forces and Artillery celebrated in commemoration of artillery defeat of the Nazis at Stalingrad, the first phase of which began with the Soviet counterattack 19 November 1942. Artillery in this counteroffensive played a key role.

Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR 21 October 1944 Merit gunners were awarded the institution of the holiday — the Day of artillery. In 1964, the holiday was renamed the Day of Missile Forces and Artillery.

Earlier this feast was celebrated on the basis of the Decree of the USSR Supreme Soviet of the November 1 in 1988 and has existed since the the official emergence of the Armed Forces. Of course, this branch is important for the Russian army, and therefore must be marked honor to honor established holiday.

  emblem of artillery and rocket forces of the Armed Forces of the Russian troops and artillery FederatsiiRaketnye are one of the genera of the Army Forces, which is the primary means of nuclear fire and engage the enemy in the course of combined arms operations (combat actions). Organizational they consist of a missile, rocket, artillery brigades, including mixed, high power artillery battalions, rocket artillery regiments, battalions of individual intelligence and artillery combined arms brigades and military bases. The units of missile troops and artillery organizational included in other kinds of troops and forces of Russia and other "power" structures.

The main objectives of the missile troops and artillery are: gaining and maintaining fire superiority over the enemy, defeat him offensive nuclear weapons, manpower, weapons, military and special equipment; disorganization systems command and control, intelligence and electronic warfare, the destruction of permanent defense structures and other infrastructure of the enemy; cover exposed flanks and joints, participation in the destruction of air and naval assault forces and others.

In peacetime, the missile troops and artillery are on guard and cherish the Fatherland Frontier native country. And in their professional holiday that soldiers get a chance to attract the attention of all of Russia. Noting their day, they arrange demonstration exercises, shooting and parades.