Day of agriculture of Ukraine

Day of agriculture in Ukraine is celebrated every year on the third Sunday November according to the decree of the President № 428/93 of the October 7 in 1993. It is the professional holiday of workers of agriculture, processing of agricultural raw materials, food processing, procurement and service enterprises and organizations of agriculture.

In the era of the Soviet Union, Ukraine called the "breadbasket" of the state. The main products of agricultural production in Ukraine were and are sugar beets, potatoes, milk, meat, grain.

After the collapse of the Soviet Union began reforms in the agriculture and rural sector. For consistent and accurate work in the reform process was necessary to define new tasks, mechanisms and control bodies. In connection with the new tasks by Presidential Decree June 7 in 2000 approved the Regulations on the Ministry of Agrarian Policy of Ukraine.

Today Ukraine continues the reform of the agricultural sector. After all, the state of affairs in this industry depends directly on the economic independence of the country, the welfare of its citizens, the nation's health, well-being of present and future generations.

On this day, workers in agriculture in Ukraine not only congratulated on their professional holiday, but and awarded various gifts and awards to the best of them.