International Students' Day

International Students 'Day (International Students' Day) is set November 17 in 1946 at the World Congress of Students, held in Prague, in memory of the students of Czech patriots.

Of course, this holiday is associated with youth, romance and fun , but the story of his, which began in Czechoslovakia during World War II, associated with the tragic events.

October 28 in 1939 in Nazi-occupied Czechoslovakia, Prague students and their teachers staged a demonstration to mark the anniversary of the founding of the Czechoslovak State (28 October 1918). Division invaders broke up the demonstration, was shot dead while a medical student, Jan Opletal (Jan Opletal).

Funeral Jan Opletal November 15 in 1939 again turned into a protest. Dozens of demonstrators were arrested. November 17 by the Gestapo and the SS in the early morning surrounded the student dormitories. More than 1,200 students were arrested and imprisoned in a concentration camp in Sachsenhausen. Nine students and activists of the student movement was executed without trial in the dungeons of the prison in Prague's Ruzyne. Hitler's orders all Czech universities were closed by the end of the war.

In honor of these events at the World Congress of students and was established International Students' Day. Today it is celebrated in many countries around the world, and although the program of celebration of this day vary, but it is very popular with the students. And almost no one university does not stay away from the noise and the long-awaited holiday.

Recall that Russian students celebrate national student day 25 January.