Day precinct police (Day of the district )

People's Commissariat of Internal Affairs of the RSFSR November 17 in 1923 was approved by the district superintendent instruction. This statutory instrument laid the foundation for the formation of the Institute of the Russian police precinct.

Extract from the decree of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation "On the day of announcement of district militia" from the Sept. 6 2002:

Currently gorrayorganah internal affairs are more than 54 thousand police precinct. They revealed every other offense under the public security police, and about a quarter of offenses under the criminal police. They control more than 4 million persons in the preventive counts of Internal Affairs.

In order to maintain continuity in the district militia officers, promotion and dissemination of good practices and traditions of their activities, as well as taking into account their significant role in the implementation of the tasks performed by the internal affairs command:

1. Read the November 17, 1923 start date of the formation in the internal affairs of district militia.

2. Declare November 17 "Day of district militia┬╗.

3. GUOOP GSS Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs to develop a plan of appropriate organizational and practical measures for the celebration of the Day of district militia.

4. In due course the annual observance of a "Day of district militia" particularly distinguished officers and employees, as well as veterans who have made a significant personal contribution to strengthening the rule of law.

In connection with the reform of the Interior Ministry in 2011 and the reorganization of the police to the police Interior Ministry officials working in the office of district commissioners were called "police precinct," and the holiday accordingly renamed the Day of the police precinct.