International Day of dentist

tradition to celebrate on February 9, International Day of the dentist is becoming popular all over the world. It can be assumed that there are good reasons for it to celebrate professional holiday of dentists in the day of Saint Apollonia (St. Apollonia), the first of which — it is surprisingly attractive image of Apollonia, which has come down to us through the centuries.

Apollonia — the daughter of a prominent official of Alexandria, who believed in Christ. According to the persecutors of Christianity, she gave a bad example of fellow citizens who should have stuck to polytheism and to believe in the divine origin of the emperor.

Apollonia was brutally tortured, demanding renunciation of Christianity. But she did not flinch in the face of death. She asked her to untie her to have had the opportunity to kneel and to fulfill the requirement of the crowd. When it unleashed a brave woman threw herself into the fire. It happened on February 9 249 years.

Saint Apollonia (Photo: Zvonimir Atletic , Shutterstock) Suffering and Christian deed Apollonia was so struck by her contemporaries and successors, that the legend was born that is just utter the name Apollonia, pray to her — tooth pain subsides. In the year 300 Apollonia was canonized as a holy martyr. Her day on February 9.

Ancient "dentists" used a prototype of the first drill another 9000 years ago. This surprising discovery was made by scientists from the U.S. and France. Examining the results in the Pakistani province of Baluchistan remains of people who lived in the 6-4 centuries BC, they found some teeth made in the lives of nearly perfect holes 1-3 millimeters and a depth of 3.5 millimeters. On the art of the ancient "dentists" is evidenced by the fact that, in some cases, hard-drilled molars, and one of the holes on the inside of the jaw.

In Russia celebrate the International Day of the dentist for years, and with Every year it becomes more and more popular.