Day of Radio, Television and Communication

Day of Radio, television and communication equipment (Day prats?vnik?v rad?o , telebachennya that zv'yazku) established by the Decree of the President ? 667/94 of November 11 in 1994 in support of the initiative of radio, television and telecommunications industry in Ukraine. The motto of the Communications Workers and the scope of information were the words: "We are working to Ukraine was developed information the stateĀ».

November 16 every Ukrainian, including the morning TV looked into the mailbox, listen to the news on the radio in the car or bus, nervously looking round, trying to discern the polyphonic polyphony call his cell phone, pick up the phone and finally got to the coveted Internet — symbolically marks the Day of professionals on a daily basis providing him an opportunity to communicate in everyday life and space for communication in business.

Thanks to the work of more than 250,000 workers in the sector of communication and informatization of Ukraine, decreasing the distance between the cities and the people who cover not only information, but also the spiritual and moral values.

Employees industry believe a symbolic celebration of the professional holiday of the fall. During this period of time to sum up and plans for next year.

Communications sector and the scope of information of Ukraine has over a thousand carriers, Internet service providers 500, 15 000 post offices, 10 higher educational institutions, which is prepared annually about 30,000 professionals in the field of telecommunications and more than 10 scientific and experimental design institutes.

Today in Ukraine about 12 million subscribers of fixed telephony, more than 40 million (86% of the population) of mobile subscribers communications, public television can watch 94.5% of the population of Internet services, at varying intervals, is used by about 8.5 million inhabitants of Ukraine, the number of web sites reached 32 thousand.