Day of creating units to combat organized crime

November 15 in 1988 by order of the USSR Ministry of Internal Affairs was organized by the 6th Directorate of Internal Affairs of the USSR. In February 1991, the 6th control was converted to the General Directorate for Combating most dangerous crimes, organized crime, corruption and drug trafficking.

In February 1992, it was created by the General Administration of Organized Crime (GUOP) Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs. In the period 1999-2004 — General Directorate for Combating Organized Crime Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs. Since 2004 — the Department for combating organized crime and terrorism.

The main activities of units to combat organized crime directive defined the Russian Interior Ministry. It is above all a fight against terrorism, illegal arms and drug trafficking, organized crime and corruption detection and investigation of serious and very serious crimes, improving the prevention, development and adoption within the competence of measures to combat organized crime and corruption.

Also, the organization and the immediate implementation of the prevention, suppression and detection of crimes committed by organized groups with international and inter-regional character, the establishment of the persons preparing, committing or having committed a crime.

To combat with an armed crime, operational support and investigative actions within these divisions created rapid reaction units.