Day recycling

November 15 is the World Day of recycling, or the World Day of recycling. The main purpose of the holiday — to attract the attention of the authorities, the public and industrial structures in the subject.

In today's world, the problem of waste accumulation is particularly significant for two main reasons, the effects of which can be quite disastrous for humanity.

On the one hand, the natural resources available on Earth, is not limitless. Irrational their use has resulted in the fact that to date, humanity has already spent about a third of these resources. That is why it is important to consume them sparingly, while searching for an alternative to them and doing the recycling of raw materials are used.

On the other hand, one of the causes of global warming is called the "greenhouse effect," in part because of huge mountains of industrial and household waste. People throw away tons of plastic bags, all kinds of packaging, tires, appliances and other waste decomposition which will last for centuries.

«Javascript must be properly disposed of, or even better — to recycle the used raw materials are already giving a second life" — environmentalists say. First of all, in their opinion, the beginning of a critical situation, you need to look at the level of states. This could be the creation of a strategy of waste management, transfer of production capacity to low-waste technology and other means that will allow more intensive recycling waste or reduce their number.