World Usability Day

World Usability Day (World Usability Day) was established in 2005. In the same year he was first celebrated. And since then, it is celebrated annually on the second Thursday of November.

Usability (Usability) can be literally translated to English as "practicality, convenience and ease of use." Of course, there are more detailed and precise definition. For instance, Jacob Nielsen defines usability as: "... the quality of the user experience to some interactive environment (web-site, program, etc.)».

Today, the term" usability "is increasingly being used as a synonym for the word" ergonomics "in the context of products such as consumer electronics or communication means. In a broader sense it can also be used to determine the effectiveness of the mechanical objects and tools — such as for example the door handle or a hammer — their prescribed functions. Therefore, the most appropriate translation of the word «usability» will be "the convenience and ease of use, the application" and even "practicality».

The mission of this festival — raising public awareness about the need to improve access and increase the ease of use of products and services which are of particular importance to humanity.

The main slogan of the World Usability Day — "Make easier!". Because it convenient and simple technologies make all of our lives easier and improve its quality in any part of the world.