World Quality Day

The World Quality Day (World Quality Day) — an annual event conducted in many countries of the world on the second Thursday of November. The initiator of this day is the European Organization for Quality (EOQ) (European Organization for Quality, EOQ) with the support of the United Nations (UN).

The World Quality Day was approved in 1990. And after six years, the European Organization for Quality announced the week, which falls this November the second Thursday of the European Quality Week (European Quality Week).

The purpose of World Quality Day is to raise the value of high-quality products and services, as well as intensification of the activities aimed at drawing attention to the quality problems. We are talking not only about the safety of products for human health and environment, but also on the degree of satisfaction of needs and expectations of consumers.

European Quality Week has also become a prominent international event, which includes shares held in order to attract public attention to quality problems, as well as a demonstration of the achievements and the importance of quality for competitiveness within Europe.

The problem of quality — one of the priority issues in the economy of the leading countries of the world. In modern conditions, the quality is the key to success of any enterprise, any industry, and of course each country. The concept of quality is closely related to what we call the benefits of modern civilization, the quality of life — and that and saving the environment, and physical health, and psychological comfort of the person.